Member Management System

The web base application is the most important software to work out to automate the whole system. Those are normally use for day to activity. Based on this customized web base LCMS has seceded to develop an automated system which will maintain the records and generate daily, weekly or any periodical reports that are normally used for day to day activity.
MMS Module:
1. Exclusive deshboard, where user see all his works at a glance. 2. Member Information. 3. Member Loan Information. 4. Clerk Information. 5. Employee Information. 6. Member Accomodation Information. 7. Report :: Member Statement. 8. Report :: Member List. 9. Report :: Defaulter Member List. 10. Report :: Member Loan Statement. 11. Report :: Accomodation Information. 12. Report :: Accomodation List. 13. Report :: Defaulter Accomodation List. 14. Report :: Clerk List. 15. Report :: Clerk Information. 16. Report :: Clerk Statement. 17. Report :: Defaulter Clerk Statement.
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