Accounting Software

We everybody know the importance of accounting software in everywhere. For smooth and transparent business running accounting management software is the crucial decision for your business. If you are looking for accounting management software, we are ensuring you the best solution, as we already provided Accounting Software solution to renowned local and international corporates. As accounting management software in all over the world is almost same and has standards, Syntech Solution Ltd has the perfect capabilities to provide you the best accounting software solution here in Bangladesh as well as outside of Bangladesh.
Some Main Features of Accounting Software:
1. Chart of Accounts (Can create Chart of Accounts like Asset, Liabilities, Income, Expense) 2. Voucher Category (Payment/Receive voucher) 3. Fund Transfer 4. Journal Voucher (Account Payable, Accounts Receivable) 5. Sales Register 6. Accounts Report (Cash Book, Bank Book, Ledger Book, Trial Balance, Income Expense, Balance Sheet) 7. Bank Reconciliation Statement (Banking Transaction) 8. Currency Rate Management
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